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The Garage Manager Pro

The Garage Manager Pro is designed to meet the needs of a small to medium sized Garage/Workshop, it covers all aspects of the office work i.e.

Customer Records
Sales and Invoicing

Purchase Records
Supplier Records

Main Menu. The entry point to the system is the main menu, from here you have access to all the other files.

Backup. A feature of the Pro version is the ability to create "Backup" files when you close the system, by clicking "Exit" you will be presented with a message box advising you of the last time the backups were updated, you then have a choice as to whether update the files or not. The backup files will be created in a folder labelled "GMP Backup" on your "C" drive.

Import. Users of version 5.3 will be able to import their data directly into Pro so upgrading is simple, records can also be imported from the backups so if a file becomes corrupt, it is a simple matter to replace the damaged files.

Sales. Generate Job Sheets and Invoices, see instantly who has paid and who still owes you money. Layouts display running totals for Labour, parts, sales tax and vehicle tests. Invoices can be printed on paper or printed as a PDF and e-mailed to the customer.

Customers. Keep full Customer details. The system allows as many vehicles as the customer owns to be entered with their details, ideal for fleet customers. A full list of invoices are displayed at the bottom of the Customers record, giving a running total of exactly how much the customer has spent with you, how much they have paid and how much is still owed.

Estimates. Generate Estimates for yout customers, then if they accept them you can turn the estimate into an Invoice at the touch of a button, no having to re-type everything. The file even keeps a total of estimates that are converted to Invoice so you can keep an eye on your take up rate.

Purchase. Keep records of every purchase made split into 36 different categories, they will be displayed as totals so you can instantly see what you have spent.

Suppliers. Keep full Supplier details. A full list of purchases are displayed at the bottom of the Suppliers record, giving a running total of exactly how much you have spent with them, also shown is how much has been paid and how much is still owed.

Banking. Enter all the payments in and out of your bank account, check it against your statements to reconcile them and check for any mistakes made by your Bank (it can and does happen).

Correspondence. Generate letters, service reminders, overdue payment reminders and more, then send them by mail or e-mail.

Reports. Easily generate reports on every part of your business, current month reports keep track of things up to the minute while date range reports are usefiul for accounting purposes.

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